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Featured Selections
Quick Start Drama for Kids
No Rehearsal Bible Skits for Classroom or Performance
By: Debbie Salter Goodwin
Performance Time: Varies depending on content chosen
Quick-start techniques use imagination starters, signs, props, hats and a variety of other ideas to engage children in a sketch or interactive story. See More On This Item
Drama Book 9780834174108
Price: $19.99   
Downloadable ScriptsMore Selections

Downloadable Script
Price: $10.00
You Can Choose
By: Debbie Salter Goodwin
Cast: 4 children (flexible - as many as you have can be used!)
Performance Time: 6 minutes
A sketch for kids about choosing to be happy.
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Sketch Collection
Price: $19.99
What's Growing Under Your Bed?
A Collection of Sketches and Monologues for Children and Young Teens
By: Martha Bolton
Performance Time: Scripts vary from 5 to 10 minutes in length.
17 scripts - an invaluable resource for any children's or early youth worker. Designed for production by children.
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Program ResourcesMore Selections

CD-ROM Version
Price: $34.99
Chapel Connect 1.1
A Plug-in Curriculum for Teachers to Energize Chapel Programming
This CD-ROM is a tool that helps you build worshipful, scripture-based, meaningful chapel services for your kids and your school community.
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MusicalsMore Selections

Pirates of the "I Don't Care"-ibbean
A Kids' Musical about Storing Up Treasures in Heaven
Arranged by: Barny Robertson; Created by: Jeff Smith
Cast: 2 adult males, 10 children (male or female)
Performance Time: Approx. 45 minutes
The musical, The Pirates of the "I Don't Care"-ibbean, will connect with kids as well as adults and draw them in to something that is both fun and spiritually educational.
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Puppet ScriptsMore Selections

Drama Book
Price: $8.99
Puppet Programs No. 6
15 Scripts Based on New Testament Stories
By: Doug Smee
15 delightful puppet scripts, appropriate for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, children's church, or for special programs.
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Adventures in Odyssey SeriesMore Selections

Drama Book
Price: $19.99
Adventures in Odyssey, Volume No. 1
By: Paul McCusker
Performance Time: 30 to 40 minutes in length
Each script is in its original radio format, and is easy to be read as readers theatre or as a radio program. Includes sound effects and music cues.
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