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Arranged by: Mike Lawrence; Orchestrated by: Mike Lawrence
Performance Time: 3:20 with accompaniment trax
Powerful, thought-provoking text is married to an energetic and infectious melody, making Indescribable a must-have anthem for all music libraries. See More On This Item
Anthem 9780834174191 Accompaniment DVD Available!
I Am God with Fear Not My Child
Arranged by: Mike Speck, Danny Zaloudik, Cliff Duren; Orchestrated by: J. Daniel Smith
Performance Time: 4:23 with accompaniment trax
A powerful statement of God's sovereignty and omnipotence. See More On This Item
Downloadable Anthem 765762699830 Anthem with DVD visuals
Price: $1.99   
Let the Rivers Flow
Words and Music by: Susan Sacca
Performance Time: 3:01 with accompaniment trax
Lillenas Worship Resources offering, summed up in the lyric's phrase: "...hungry for a mighty move of God." See More On This Item
Anthem 9780834175716
Grace Flows Down with Grace Greater than Our Sin
Arranged by: Ed Hogan; Orchestrated by: Ed Hogan
Performance Time: 4:25 with accompaniment trax
Your choir will enjoy this fresh arrangement of a popular praise and worship classic. Create added impact with optional DVD accompaniment and dramatic monologue. See More On This Item
Anthem 9780834174962 Optional visual media and drama presentation!
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