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Through a life of service, ministry transforms itself from everyday into eternal. Through leadership, spiritual growth and witness, the Nazarene Publishing House seeks to equip for ministry each member of the body of Chirst. And as we remain faithful to God's Word and mission, we will provide the community with the tools and resources to fulfill the call.
Featured Selections
A Dictionary of the Bible and Christian Doctrine in Everyday English
Edited by: George Lyons, Al Truesdale, J. Wesley Eby
Provides easy-to-understand definitions of commonly used biblical, theological, and doctrinal terms. See More On This Item
Book 9780834120860
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Grace-Full Leadership
Understanding the Heart of a Christian Leader
In Grace-Full Leadership, Bowling explores the leadership qualities and practices that are distinct within the community of Christian leadership. See More On This Item
Downloadable Audiobook 9780834128767 Audiobook Format!
Price: $17.99   
ChildrenMore Selections

Price: $4.99
My Relationship with Jesus
This book invites kids to nurture their Christian faith through prayer, Bible study, Scripture memory, worship, and more. Can you imagine anything better than seeing your kids living in God's love each and every day?
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English as a Second LanguageMore Selections

English as a Second Language (ESL)
Price: $5.99
Basic Bible Studies in Everyday English
By: Charles "Chic" Shaver
An easy-to-understand course in discipleship for students learning English as a second language.
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EvangelismMore Selections

Price: $29.99
Each One Disciple One
A Complete Strategy for Effective Discipleship
By: Stan Toler, Louie Bustle
This complete resource is designed to help churches guide new believers into a solid, mature relationship with Christ.
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Leadership DevelopmentMore Selections

Price: $13.99
Intentional Ministry in a Not-So-Mega Church
Becoming a Missional Community
By: Dennis Bickers
Intentional Ministry in a Not-So-Mega Church is designed to help leaders of smaller churches guide their people in making their primary focus ministering to and meeting the needs of those outside their church.
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LifeStream ResourcesMore Selections

Price: $49.99
The Church Administration Kit
Resources for Daily Operations
By: Gene Grate
Church administration can become an overwhelming task for churches, but it's a necessary part of every faith community. Whether it's prayer groups or pastoral care, evangelism or executive meetings, faith retreats or finances, there's an administrative component in every area of ministry.
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MissionMore Selections

Price: $11.99
Snapshots of the Kingdom
Glimpses of Heaven on Earth
By: Steve Rodeheaver
Gain clear "snapshots" into what God expects of us in living the Kingdom life. Snapshots of the Kingdom is a book that seeks to demonstrate how a church can become a relevant expression of the Kingdom of God through having a heart for compassionate ministries. This book will be especially appealing to readers who are seeking to impact not only worldwide missionary work, but that of their local community and/or inner-city as well.
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Pastoral ResourcesMore Selections

Price: $13.99
Pastoral Care in Times of Death and Dying
By: Danny Goddard
Counseling someone who is dying or consoling a family who has suffered a death is one of the hardest parts of ministry. In times like these it's important for pastors to know what to say and how best to offer their support.
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Teaching ResourcesMore Selections

Price: $89.99
Growing Disciples
Equipping Christians for Worship, Fellowship, and Ministry
By: Stan Toler, Dan Walters, Dan Casey
How can you integrate new believers and members of your congregation into the life of your church? This notebook complete with a leaders guide and student teaching resources gives your church a four-step plan for preparing and establishing new Christians or new members for fellowship and service in your church. Nurture your congregation toward community and service with Growing Disciples.
Completely Reproducible!
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WomenMore Selections

Price: $14.99
A Woman and Her Relationships
Transforming the Way We Connect
By: Rosemary Flaaten
Flaaten shows women how to transform their other relationships by first transforming their relationship with God. Her insights and encouragement will help women bridge the gap between their spiritual lives and their daily interactions with others...
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