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Eggs Taste Better Than Caterpillars
By: Tami Brumbaugh
Eggs Taste Better than Caterpillars is the fictional story of a young girl, Kagiso, who received a gift of livestock through donations to Nazarene . . .See More On This Item
God Is Alive!
By: Aimee Curtis
God Is Alive! tells the story of miracles God performed around the world. This book will encourage young readers to believe in and cling to a God . . .See More On This Item
The Language That God Speaks
By: Teanna Sunberg
This is a true story from the Nazarene response to the post-war Kosovars. It centers around Selim, who, upon returning to his Kosovar village, meets a . . .See More On This Item
Famous Phineas
By: Donna Manning
This is a fictionalized biography of Phineas Franklin Bresee. Phineas F. Bresee not only founded the Church of the Nazarene, but established a foundation . . .See More On This Item
Stephen and the Typhoon
By: Lynda T. Boardman
Stephen has devoted his life to ministries that speak out for and assist the poor, the marginalized, and the victims of disasters. Stephen's most recent . . .See More On This Item
The Unseen
By: Cheryl Lynne Crouch
Based on actual events, The Unseen shares the story of Reuben, who struggled with illness; his mother, who held an important government position; . . .See More On This Item
1, 2, 3-Jump!
Donald Owens' life is an example of how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. See More On This Item
African Drums
A story depicting the life of an African child, Makita, and the culture that makes up his world. See More On This Item
A Place to Belong
This is the story of a family and church that reached out in love to children-at-risk. See More On This Item
Prisoner Of War
This book tells the story of Mary Scott and her experiences as a missionary caught in the middle of a war in China. See More On This Item
A Storybook Ending
The true story of a 14-year-old boy and the library he helped provide for the Nazarene Primary School in Swaziland. See More On This Item
Tornado Alley
This story features a fictional family thrown into the rubble of reality during the F5 tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma in May 2013. See More On This Item