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Kingdom Culture: The Sermon On the Mount
Small Group
By: Tara Beth Leach
Learn to live the kind of life Jesus requires of his disciples—the kind of life that will bring to earth the Kingdom Culture. See More On This Item
Resource Kit 9780834136151
Price: $69.99   
Kingdom Culture: The Sermon On the Mount
By: Tara Beth Leach
Learn to live the kind of life Jesus requires of his disciples—the kind of life that will bring to earth the Kingdom Culture. See More On This Item
Workbook 9780834136168
Price: $14.99   
Embracing Exile, Small Group DVD
Living Faithfully as God's Unique People in the World
A 7-week study study to help your congregation discover what faithfulness looks like and how holiness is possible, even when the surrounding culture does . . .See More On This Item
Small Group DVD 9780834136465
Price: $14.99   
Discovering the Bible
Story and Faith of the Biblical Communities
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Book Pack U-574 Free leader's guide included with this pack of 5 books! (package of 5)
Price: $199.95   
Basic Bible StudiesMore Selections

Bible Study - Salvation
Price: $1.99
Basic Bible Studies for New and Growing Christians
By: Charles (Chic) Shaver
The Basic Bible Studies for New and Growing Christians are designed for presentation to a new covert at the altar includes 8 short Bible studies for a new Christian.
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BreatheMore Selections

Small Group Kit
Price: $59.99
Breathe: Created
Small Group
By: Shawna Songer Gaines
Created will help you gain a perspective on how all of scripture works togetherto tell God's big story.
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The Dialog SeriesMore Selections

Participant's Guide
Price: $8.99
Ripple Effect
Building a Life of Influence, Participant's Guide
Throughout history there have been individuals who have had a great influence on a great number of people. The individuals lives explored in this study will lead you to consider what influence God could have through your life if you are willing to allow Him to live through you.
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Christian Beliefs SeriesMore Selections

Student Book
Price: $5.99
Holiness Made Clear
Living a Sanctified Life
God's call in our lives is simple: it is to walk with Him. He calls us to a life without guilt and sin, a life of freedom to live for him, a life of sanctification.
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A Charitable Discourse- Small GroupMore Selections

Digital Resource (DVD/CD-ROM)
Price: $29.99
A Charitable Discourse, Small Group DVD
Talking About the Things That Divide Us
By: Dan Boone
Facilitator's Guide included!
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inSight Media SeriesMore Selections

Digital Resource (DVD/CD-ROM)
Price: $29.99
The God Plot Small Group DVD
Living with Holy Imagination
Inspire your heart, engage your mind, and stir your spirit as you begin to see the story from a different perspective.
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MissioLifeMore Selections

Downloadable Curriculum
Price: $59.00 - $249.00
Module 3.1
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Named SeriesMore Selections

Resource Kit
Price: $29.99
Named: David
Small Group
God makes David into a great leader because David fully surrenders his humanity to God.
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Wisdom of the WordMore Selections

Price: $14.99
Vision of Hope and Promise: Part 1
Edited by: Jeannie McCullough
The subject of the Bible's last book is often met with fear,
awe, and fascination. In fact, the true meaning of Revelation
is so often interpreted or speculated on by authors, ministers,
or academics, that very few individuals actually study the book
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Holy Life Bible Study SeriesMore Selections

Holy Life Bible Study Series - Complete Set
Price: $24.99
The Holy Life Bible Study Series Set
By: Frank Moore
Contains all four titles in the Holy Life Bible Study Series: God's Road Map for Us, The Journey Within, Traveling with Friends, and Serving Others Along the Road.
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ResourcesMore Selections

Price: $17.99
Essential Beliefs
A Wesleyan Primer
By: Mark A. Maddix, Diane Leclerc
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