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NBBC, Jeremiah 1-25
A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition
By: Alex Varughese
This new Bible commentary is designed to provide 21st-century scholars, pastors, students, and laity an academically competent, readable commentary in . . .See More On This Item
NBBC, Jeremiah 1-25, Trade Paper 9780834123649
Price: $29.99   
Here We Stand
Where Nazarenes Fit in the Religious Marketplace
By: Wesley Tracy, Stan Ingersol
Take a look under "Churches" in the yellow pages of any large-city telephone directory. What you'll get is an idea of the extreme diversity of religious . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834117129
Price: $34.99   
Global Wesleyan Dictionary of Theology
By: Al Truesdale
Designed for clergy, laypersons, university students, and church teachers, this work is arranged for ease in cross-referencing and to assist in further study. See More On This Item
Book,Hard cover 9780834128378
Price: $59.99   
Coffee Shop Theology
Translating Doctrinal Jargon Into Everyday Life
By: Frank Moore
Finally, a readable, understandable book that explains theological concepts and brings them into focus for everyday living. In his most recent book, Dr. . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834117327
Price: $15.99   
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1. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 1: Genesis through Deuteronomy By: G. Herbert Livingston, Kinlaw, Dennis F, Cox, Leo G., Lauriston J Du Bois, Ford, Jack, A. R. G. Deasley Book 9780834103009 Price: $35.99
2. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 10: Hebrews through Revelation By: Ralph Earle, Richard S. Taylor, A. F. Harper, Roy S. Nicholson, Edson R. Fuhrman, Harvey J. S. Blaney, Delbert R. Rose Book 9780834103092 Price: $35.99
3. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 2: Joshua through Esther By: W. T. Purkiser, Harvey E. Finley, Chester O. Mulder, R. Clyde Ridall, Robert L. Sawyer, C. E. Demaray Book 9780834103016 Price: $35.99
4. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 3: Job through Song of Solomon By: W. T. Purkiser, Earl C. Wolf, A. F. Harper, Milo L. Chapman Book 9780834103023
5. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 4: Isaiah through Daniel By: J. Kenneth Grider, Ross E. Price, C. Paul Gray, Roy E. Swim Book 9780834103030 Price: $35.99
6. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 5: Hosea through Malachi By: William M. Greathouse, H. Ray Dunning, Oscar F. Reed, Armor D. Peisker Book 9780834103047 Price: $35.99
7. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 6: Matthew through Luke By: Ralph Earle, A. Elwood Sanner, Charles L. Childers Book 9780834103054 Price: $35.99
8. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 7: John through Acts By: Ralph Earle, Joseph H. Mayfield Book 9780834103061 Price: $35.99
9. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 8: Romans through 1 and 2 Corinthians By: William M. Greathouse, Frank G. Carver, Donald S. Metz Badge 9780834103078
10. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 9: Galatians through Philemon By: Richard E. Howard, John A. Knight, Willard H. Taylor, John B. Nielson, Arnold E. Airhart, J. Glenn Gould Book 9780834103085 Price: $35.99
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