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AdministrationMore Selections

Price: $19.99
13 Strategies to Renew Your Work, Your Organization, & Your Life
By: John C. Bowling
With nearly universal application, Bowling's 13 strategies will help you continually and effectively relate to and motivate the men and women with whom you work. Begin to ReVision your work, your organization, and your life.
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Ashes to FireMore Selections

Resource Kit
Price: $129.99
Ashes to Fire Year C Church Planning Kit
It's time to refocus on the message of God. Take your faith community on a journey from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost Sunday and refocus on the message.
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Church GrowthMore Selections

Price: $14.99
When Bad Churches Happen to Good Pastors
Why Pastors Leave and What You Can Do About It
By: David And Lisa Frisbie
Whether you're a church leader whose pastors are departing or a pastor who has moved from church to church, you'll discover insights to help you handle the situations when pastors leave ministry.
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Leadership ResourcesMore Selections

Price: $10.99
A String of Hope
Inspiration from Korea
By: Min Gyoo Shin
Sangamdong Church of the Nazarene in Korea is built upon faith as small as a mustard seed. As the Rev. Dr. Shin relates the stories of God s faithfulness to one small church that has grown into a large, mission-centric community, you will be inspired by the diligent faith of the people of God in Korea.
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Discipleship/ EvangelismMore Selections

Price: $15.99
A Plain Account of Christian Perfection, Annotated
By: John Wesley; Edited by: Paul W. Chilcote, Randy L. Maddox
A Plain Account of Christian Perfection brings to the forefront what Wesley considers the goal of the Christian life-the fullest possible love of God and neighbor.
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LifeStream ResourcesMore Selections

Price: $49.99
The Community-Minded Church
Resources for Connecting with the World Outside Your Walls
By: Stan Toler
Providing a cooked meal to the hungry, offering shelter on a cold night, and hosting activities for special needs children are just a few ways your church can reach out.
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MissionsMore Selections

Price: $44.99
Discovering Missions
By: Charles R. Gailey, Howard Culbertson
Discovering Missions is a foundational textbook that examines the importance of missionary work overseas as well as within one's community...
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Pastoral ResourcesMore Selections

Price: $34.99
Discovering Christian Ministry
Theology and Practice
By: Ron Dalton
Discovering Christian Ministry not only gives a concise yet comprehensive definition of ministry but it also offers a minsterial vision that encompasses the personal, interpersonal and social spheres of your life.
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StewardshipMore Selections

Price: $6.99
The Tithing Principle
Understanding Why We Give
By: Tom Felder
In The Tithing Principle, Tom Felder shares stories from those who tithe, the sacrifices they ve made, and the blessings they've received.
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Small GroupsMore Selections

Price: $15.99
Successful Small Groups
From Concept to Practice
By: Teena M. Stewart
Successful Small Groups is filled with everything churches need to launch and manage a small-group program. Author and ministry consultant Teena Stewart uses her experience and insight to show church leaders how to lay a strong foundation for small groups and build a healthy and effective ministry...
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Sermons and OutlinesMore Selections

Price: $18.99
The Quotable Wesley
Edited by: Dave Armstrong
Quotable Wesley is a treasury of quotations taken from Wesley's letters, sermons, tracts, and journal entries on a variety of wide-ranging topics. Here is an essential resource for teachers, Christian leaders, pastors, and laypeople fascinated by the insights of this remarkable founder of the Methodist movement.
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GeneralMore Selections

Price: $12.99
How We Got Our Bible
Third Edition
By: Ralph Earle
One of the most heartening trends of the last century has been the increased interest in the study of the Bible.
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