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Embracing Exile
Living Faithfully as God's Unique People in the World
By: T. Scott Daniels
Embrace this modern time of "exile" and to seize this unique opportunity to be a blessing to the culture around us. See More On This Item
Book 9780834136434
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A Faith Of Their Own
Understanding the Common Cry of Preteens
By: Chris Folmsbee
This book will leave you encouraged, inspired, and better equipped to guide preteens toward becoming more like Jesus.
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To Stir a Movement
Life, Justice, and Major League Baseball
By: Jeremy Affeldt
Jeremy Affeldt's passion doesn't end when he walks off the field. As an outspoken advocate against human trafficking and a committed servant against injustice, Affeldt has made a significant mark in this world.
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Mothers-in-Law vs. Daughters-in-Law
Let There Be Peace
By: Elisabeth Graham
The conflict between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law has existed throughout all of history.
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A Story Unfinished
99 Days with Eliot
By: Matt Mooney
Eliot wasn't supposed to make it to full term. But Eliot was born and lived 99 days. And every one of those days was a gift that would change his family forever.
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A Decembered Grief
Living with Loss While Others are Celebrating
By: Harold Ivan Smith
Holidays can be especially difficult times for those grieving the deaths of loved ones. Grief specialist Harold Ivan Smith offers help for the holidays in A Decembered Grief.
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When the Pastor Is Your Husband
The Joy and Pain of Ministry Wives
By: Donna Bordelon Alder
From unrealistic expectations to loneliness, life as a ministry wife can be hard. In When the Pastor Is Your Husband, Donna Bordelon Alder relays stories to support and encourage.
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King of the Campus
By: Stephen Lutz
God's purpose for you at college isn't merely to get an education. It's to join him in the work he's already doing there. You have been gifted and shaped to participate in the kingdom of God--right now, on your campus.
A missional approach to campus living.
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Public Jesus
Exposing the Nature of God in Your Community
By: Tim Suttle
Uncover a religion that is neither private nor personal.
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