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Kevin Stoltz
Phoenix, Arizona is home to the Stoltz family, where Kevin's day job is in health care. But when the blazing southwestern sun goes down, Kevin Stoltz becomes Creative Man! Active in his local church, where he provides sermon sketches and scripts for lots of occasions, Kevin has caught a glimpse of what drama can contribute to a church; not only as Christian Educator, but in outreach and wholesome entertainment.
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1. Christ's Body By: Kevin Stoltz Downloadable Script 10474 Price: $10.00
2. From Out of the Whirlwind: A One-Act Play on the Book of Job By: Kevin Stoltz 9780834190580To perform this piece you are required to purchase a Production Pack. Click Here For Details. Price: $10.99
3. From Out of the Whirlwind By: Kevin Stoltz Production Pack 9780834199026A Reading Copy is available if you would like to preview this script. Click Here For Details. (package of 11) Price: $99.99
4. In Spirit and in Truth By: Kevin Stoltz Downloadable Script 10472 Price: $10.00
5. The Lamb and the Wolf By: Kevin Stoltz Downloadable Script 10470 Price: $10.00
6. The Lamb and the Wolf: Readers Theatre for Worship By: Kevin Stoltz 9780834193444 Price: $19.99
7. Making the Crooked Straight By: Kevin Stoltz Downloadable Script 10471 Price: $10.00
8. Quick Start Drama for Worship: Readers Theatre By: Bette Dale Moore, Kevin Stoltz, Jeff Smith, Wayne Sigler, Chuck Neighbors, Coley Fisher, Dave Tippett, Courtney Walsh Drama Book 9780834174481 Price: $19.99
9. A Time to Trust By: Kevin Stoltz Downloadable Script 10473 Price: $10.00
10. Top 12 Scripts: The Year's Best-selling Single Scripts By: Larry & Annie Enscoe, Martha Bolton, Gail Blanton, Doug Smee, Kevin Stoltz, Jeff Smith, Chuck Neighbors, Dave Tippett Drama Book 9780834174276 Price: $19.99
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