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William M. Greathouse
William M. Greathouse has served his denomination as a pastor, professor, college president, seminary president, and general superintendent. Concurrently with these leadership roles, he found time for a writing ministry of books and articles contributing to the literature of Wesleyan-Arminianism.
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1. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 5: Hosea through Malachi By: William M. Greathouse, H. Ray Dunning, Oscar F. Reed, Armor D. Peisker Book 9780834103047 Price: $35.99
2. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 8: Romans through 1 and 2 Corinthians By: William M. Greathouse, Frank G. Carver, Donald S. Metz Badge 9780834103078
3. Desde los Apostoles Hasta Wesley Por: William M. Greathouse Libro 9781563440908 Price: $7.99
4. Explorando la Santidad Cristiana - Tomo 2 (Tela) Por: William M. Greathouse, Paul Bassett Libro 9781563441219 Price: $24.99
5. Exploring Christian Holiness, Volume 2: The Historical Development By: William M. Greathouse, Paul Bassett Book 9780834109261 Price: $29.99
6. The Fullness of the Spirit By: William M. Greathouse Book 9780834121447 Price: $10.99
7. An Introduction to Wesleyan Theology By: William M. Greathouse, H. Ray Dunning Book 9780834119994 Price: $12.99
8. Love Made Perfect: Foundations for the Holy Life By: William M. Greathouse Pupil Book 9780834116542 Price: $13.99
9. Sanctify Them...That World May Know: Twelve Holiness Sermons By: William M. Greathouse, John A. Knight, Eugene Stowe, Raymond Hurn, Jerald D. Johnson, Charles H. Strickland Book 9780834112018 Price: $11.99
10. Wholeness in Christ: Toward a Biblical Theology of Holiness By: William M. Greathouse Book 9780834117860 Price: $24.99