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Copyright Permissions

Please read the following information to determine if you need to submit a request for permission. Then fill out the permission request form. Please note that these guidelines only apply to reproduce excerpts or selections from a Beacon Hill Press book or product. They do NOT apply to reprinting or translating an entire Beacon Hill Press book or product.

Non-Commercial Use Exceptions (Print Rights Only):

Permission is not required if you are quoting/reproducing less than 250 words from a Beacon Hill Press publication for a one-time non-commercial use, such as use within your church or personal/individual use.

If you fall within these guidelines, the following copy right notice must accompany all reprints: "Taken from (Name of Book) by (Author). Copyright © (date) by (Copyright Holder). Used by permission of (Publisher Name)."

All other Inquries require a written or electronically-submitted request.

If possible, please do not call to inquire about your request, as all requests must be submitted in writing. Response times vary and depend on the number of incoming requests. Every effort will be made to respond as soon as possible, or to accommodate specific due dates.

Please Take Note:

Beacon Hill can not give permission to use material that we do not own. To quote any footnoted material or material used by permission from a third party, you will need to contact the original publisher of the material to obtain permission to use quoted material that appears in our publications. This information is usually found within the text or in the acknowledgement section.

Permission Request Form

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Copyright Permissions
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