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The Principle-Centered Financial Series
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
The Principle-Centered Financial Series
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About This Product
This series explores methods, habits, and the basics of finances for the purpose of taking care of your family and blessing God through giving. This series includes three simple and easy to understand books covering different financial topics.

Living Debt Free explores time-tested methods for setting up a personal debt-reduction plan in an easy-to-follow ten step plan. Learn how to get out of debt, reduce debt payments, and avoid debt in the future.

Managing Your Money presents seven habits that families and individuals can adopt to avoid debt, meet needs, give generously, and enjoy life. It outlines ways to set up an effective money management system.

Learning to Invest explains basics of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and explores other options. It includes an easy-to-use six-step plan for setting up a savings plan.

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