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All Star Sports Collection
Scripts for the Fanatics in the Pews
Contributor: Jerry Cohagan, Martha Bolton, Bette Dale Moore, Jeff Smith, Dave Tippett, onetimeblind, John Cashion, Chris Haas
Produced by: Lillenas Drama
Drama Book
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Finally, a collection for all those sports fans watching the clock on Sunday morning who then race out of the sanctuary before the pastor has a chance to say "Amen" at the benediction. This fun yet very practical collection uses sports-themed, message-oriented scripts. Sports such as football, golf, baseball, and basketball are used on subjects like advertising the annual church picnic, taking a look at Christmas giving, emphasizing how everyone on the church team is important, the affects of judging others, pastoral sermon preparation, and more. So have some fun while you reach those fanatics sitting in the pews. Get your All Stars going with this collection today!
Suggested Use: Worship services, Contemporary worship, small groups, retreats, and sports camps.
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Contents: All Star Sports Collection
Biblical References
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