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Whatever Happened to Evangelicalism?
By: Al Truesdale
Produced by: The Foundry Publishing
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We've all heard the stereotypes. Intolerant. Legalistic. Anti-intellectual. The list goes on and on. So much baggage is associated with the word evangelical. These cultural, social, and political connotations can easily lead to confusion, misunderstanding, and misuse.

It wasn't always this way. Whatever Happened to Evangelicalism? delivers a much-needed return to a sound biblical and theological understanding that transcends the ideas that have obscured evangelicalism's true meaning.

The contributors to this remarkable anthology explore the significance of evangelicalism from a variety of cultural, denominational, and historical perspectives. Whatever Happened to Evangelicalism? is a valuable resource and an enduring testimony to the essence of evangelicalism—the evangel—the good news of the kingdom of God.
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