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Atonement and Salvation
The Extravagance of God's Love
By: Eric Vail
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How does God's atonement through Christ work? What does it have to do with salvation from sin and God's reconciliation with the world?

For centuries, many metaphors have attempted to explain this astounding work of God, but none has risen above the others. The atonement, like salvation, encompasses far more than any one image can contain.

In Atonement and Salvation, Eric Vail explores the vastness of God's saving work in Christ and the reconciling effects of the atonement on creation and humanity. Rather than examine all the images used throughout church history, the author narrows his attention to those in the Bible. He expertly brings to light the grand picture of God's atoning activity, emphasizing that at its heart is God's extravagant love.

Written with clarity and precision, this book is an appealing addition to any Christian's library. Students, pastors, teachers, and laypeople will benefit from this valuable resource.
160 pages.
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Table of Contents: Atonement and Salvation
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