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Essential Beliefs
A Wesleyan Primer
By: Mark A. Maddix, Diane Leclerc
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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About This Product
Christians believe many different things. Distinguishing the essentials from the nonessentials seems impossible. Is there any way to make sense of it all?

Essential Beliefs approaches the myriad of Christian beliefs from the Wesleyan perspective, setting apart and highlighting the most significant doctrines. From the outset, the book emphasizes that Christian theology must not only be informative but also transformative; it is, above all, a call to the love of God and neighbor. The theologians who contributed to this work do not lose sight of these distinctive features. From discussions about the Trinity to sanctification and the church, the idea that Christianity is relational and centered on a loving relationship with God through Christ by the Holy Spirit is always present.

Written by educators and pastors from different backgrounds and cultures, Essential Beliefs is an indispensable benefit for those wanting a deeper grasp of the Christian faith.
160 pages.
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