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The Heart of Holiness
Compassion and the Holy Life
Edited by: Carl Leth
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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What is the place of compassion in the life of holiness? It concerns not only the life of the individual disciple but poses important missional questions for the Church.
  • Is compassionate ministry a distraction from the core message of heart of holiness?
  • Are ministries of compassion best understood as effective tools to open doors for evangelistic outreach?
  • Is compassionate ministry one of those specialized ministries that we may choose to do where we have interest and opportunity?
As they draw from scripture, theology, the deep history of the Church, and the more recent history of the Wesleyan-Holiness movement, discover what scholars and ministry leaders believe is the place of compassion in the life of holiness.
128 pages.
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