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The God Plot
Living with Holy Imagination
By: Timothy M. Green
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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About This Product
Clichés are the colorful remnants of once insightful comments grown empty through overuse. Christ followers have clichés such as "holiness," "sanctification," "purity," "cleansing," and "Christlikeness." We use these phrases so frequently that we often lose touch with what they mean.

Through a reflective engagement with Scripture, The God Plot invites you to move beyond these familiar clichés and participate in something much bigger: the narrative of God with its unique setting, divine call, dilemma, heightening dilemma, and resolution. You will be introduced to two dominant voices in the Bible that imaginatively and creatively unfold the plot of God: the prophetic voice and the priestly voice.

Throughout The God Plot, you will be invited to leave the spectator's balcony of familiar clichés and become participants in what God is doing in the world and desires to do in the lives of believers.

Inspire your heart, engage your mind, and stir your spirit.

224 pages.
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