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Named: God's Story Finds Its Place In You
Named: The Prophets
Small Group
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God's prophets are his voice to the people. The prophets in this book are men who delivered difficult messages to corrupted kings, oppressive leadership, close friends, and their own people about drought, destruction, and the removal of God's hand. They also were the voice of God's compassion, care, and protection when God's people were focused on him.
  • Session 1: Elijah
  • Session 2: Isaiah
  • Session 3: Jeremiah
  • Session 4: Ezekiel
  • Session 5: Daniel
  • Session 6: Zachariah

Named is a small group resource that tells the story of people from Scripture through a new lens exploring the mystery of faith with a literary touch. Each series introduces 6 different characters in the Bible unpacking one every week. Become acquainted with the people God identified in a story as particular as you.
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