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Missional Discipleship
Partners in God's Redemptive Mission
By: Mark Maddix, Jay Akkerman
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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About This Product
Where does discipleship end and evangelism begin? How does one fit with the other?

Joining the two together properly is a challenge. Both are important, and both are necessary. Missional Discipleship offers a holistic vision that effectively incorporates discipleship with evangelism. Thoroughly Wesleyan in its emphasis on God's ever-present grace and the possibility of human response, this approach demonstrates that education and formation go hand-in-hand with mission and witness.

Written by a cadre of scholars and seasoned ministers, Missional Discipleship is an accessible resource to assist pastors and lay leaders as they introduce to their churches and small groups the vision of mission discipleship. With topics ranging from service and compassion to discipleship and the family, this invaluable guide encapsulates what it means to engage a community of faith in embodying the gospel and equipping Christians to participate in the restorative and redemptive mission of God in the world.
160 pages.
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