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13 Strategies to Renew Your Work, Your Organization, & Your Life
By: John C. Bowling
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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Looking back at the twists and turns of the administrative landscape of his twenty-two years as a University president, John Bowling recognizes a set of strategies that have defined him as a leader. These strategies, along with many lessons learned, have allowed him to ReVision his work, his organization, and his life at points along the way.

Analyzing his experiences and seeking input from other leaders in various other fields, Bowling has focused this book primarily on the belief that in whatever field we work, one does not lead a business or an organization--one leads people.

With nearly universal application, Bowling's 13 strategies will help you continually and effectively relate to and motivate the men and women with whom you work. Begin to ReVision your work, your organization, and your life.
192 pages.
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