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From Grace to Grace
The Transforming Power of Holiness
By: Mark R Quanstrom
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"This book is a thoughtful, profound and biblical presentation of Christian holiness. Every Christian ought to read it slowly and prayerfully."
--Thomas A. Noble, PhD.
Professor of Theology
Nazarene Theological Seminary

"Rarely have I read a book on practical holiness theology that is filled with such wisdom and balanced judgment...Quanstrom has written a work that will no doubt be celebrated by all who are willing to take the road less traveled."
--Kenneth J. Collins, Ph.D.
Professor of Wesley Studies and Historical Theology
Asbury Theological Seminary

Why is our church so anemic?

Why is skepticism so rampant?

From Grace to Grace is a forceful declaration of our call to holiness. We must have a renewed appreciation of God revealing Himself to respond to this call. Following the discussions in the book of Romans, Quanstrom suggests that responding to this call depends on 5 main themes--the love/hate paradox in God, the nature of sin, the sacrifice of Jesus, the character of salvation, and a trust in faith.

Holiness is the evidence of God's ability to transform the life of the believer. Quanstrom leads you on a quest to understand holiness as a pure gift that can change your life. Will you respond to the call?

160 pages.
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