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The Healthy Pastor
Easing the Pressures of Ministry
By: Dennis Bickers
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Pastors are expected to juggle numerous tasks in their ministries and in their family life. In many churches, the pastor carries several responsibilities as he or she is expected to prepare sermons, handle the administration, visit church members, provide leadership to the various church boards and committees, and lead the outreach efforts of the church, to name a few. Needless to say, pastors are under pressure.

The Healthy Pastor seeks to provide insights into the expectations churches and ministers have of the pastor's role. With insight and understanding, author Dennis Bickers addresses some of the common pressure points every minister experiences and provides solutions to those pressures. Through this honest exploration, ministers will be challenged to create balance in several areas of their lives: their relationship with God, family, the church, their self, and—for bivocational ministers—their second job.

A practical resource for all ministers, The Healthy Pastor will help ease the pressures of ministry and guide pastors toward creating a more fulfilling and rewarding ministry.
160 pages.
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