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inSight Media
The Story of God, DVD + Book
Lessons for Faith Communities
By: Michael Lodahl
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
DVD and Book Combo Pack
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About This Product
The Bible is filled with amazing stories, but even more amazing is its overarching account of God. It's a story that, despite its twists and turns, portrays God's mercy and love and His never-ending effort to connect with His people.

This celebrated text is an engaging and accessible introduction to Wesleyan narrative theology. Unlike other books, which use a topical or systematic approach for understanding Christian theology, this foundational text weaves together the events and themes of the Bible to tell God's remarkable story and present a complete picture of his enduring love for us.

This updated and expanded second edition will impact your study and appreciation of Scripture and challenge you to find yourself—or better yet, to be found—in the incredible story of God.

As part of the inSIGHTmedia Series, this resource includes:

  • A copy of the featured book, The Story of God
  • A DVD containing 10-minute video lessons, which correspond to the book's various chapters
  • A printable leader's guide- also included on the DVD- which will enhance group discussion and study
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