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Part of the Series:
Christian Beliefs
Christianity 101
Basic Beliefs of the Faith
Produced by: WordAction Publishing Company
Leader's Guide
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About This Product
Of the world's major religion-Christianity--we sometimes speak in generalities. This person is "Christian" while another is "Hindu," ignoring the shades of distinction between different doctrines and sects. And for those who are new to the faith, it is natural to wonder "What does a Christian believe?" It is this question for which Christianity 101 provides answers. Who is God and what is his nature? Was Jesus really his son, and why is that important? Similar questions about where the Bible came from, what purpose does the Holy Spirit serve, what role does the church play in our lives, and more, all stem from a heart seeking to know what Christians share in common.

This eight-session examination will help readers feel confident in knowing the basics of the Christian faith, and prepare them to study further aspects of the Christian religion and spirituality.
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