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Dismantling the Myths
The Connection Between Faith and Morality
By: Frank Moore
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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This is a difficult time for the Church. Our world is undergoing significant change. Systems and methods that have been in place for centuries are being replaced and rebuilt; culture is being redefined; questions of faith, morality, tolerance, and belief are causing discontent, uncertainty, and distraction within the walls of the church.

In this uncertain movement toward generational shifts and sociological change, is there still a system of objective thought? Do we still have a moral compass that we can rely on—one that accommodates change without compromising truth?

Dismantling the Myths rises above the confusion of our time and penetrates the darkness with a rational light of verifiable truth. Providing a sane interpretation of current trends in contemporary thought, Frank Moore offers readers in-depth understanding and sound answers to the difficult questions of ethics, morality, and faith. In a world searching for identity and coherence, this book provides a positive and proven handbook of standards and procedures that are relevant, reliable, and founded on God's Word.

For those struggling to find truth and definition in the muddled beliefs of a post-Christian society, Dismantling the Myths will clarify their confusion and show them the solid, eternal Rock on which to stand.
224 pages.
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Contents: Dismantling the Myths
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