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Wisdom and Wealth
A Christian's Guide to Managing Your Life and Finances
By: Greg Womack
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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About This Product
It's tempting to believe that having more money will solve your problems and make you happy. It's easy to forget that happiness is not found by making "the most." It's found by making the most of what you already have. It's true that making money and managing it carefully can help you accomplish many things-but discovering your life's purpose and the abundant life God has already given you will help you find success and fulfillment in ways no amount of money can buy.

Wisdom and Wealth shows you how to make wise financial decisions and successfully manage your finances, and also helps you identify your purpose and place your money in the proper perspective in order to use your wealth to bless and serve others. Greg Womack, an experienced financial planner, examines stories and lessons from the life of King Solomon-one of the wisest and richest men to ever live-and shows how applying Solomon's time-tested wisdom and business knowledge to your life will help you avoid financial trouble, diversify your investments, protect your estate, and leave your family with an inheritance and a lasting legacy. Beginning with the desire to seek wisdom above all else, Greg helps you develop a practical plan for your money and teaches you how to build a strong financial foundation that will last for generations to come.
192 pages.
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