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The Complete Men's Ministries Kit
Everything You Need to Power Up Your Program
By: Stan Toler, Jerry Brecheisen
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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About This Product
There is a growing need for effective ministry to men in our churches today. A major news program recently reported that more and more men are staying away from church because they are bored and feel unconnected.

Men need relationship just as much as women. Whether you call it "male bonding" or "time with the boys", churches need to offer men ways to build friendships and connect with the men around them.

The Complete Men's Ministries Kit is designed to give churches all the tools they need to establish or expand its ministry to men. Using Jesus and his relationship with his disciples as a model, Stan Toler and Jerry Brecheisen show churches the importance and possibility of establishing an effective men's ministry. Through examples and ideas, they explore areas such as fellowship, hobbies, compassionate ministries, Bible study, bonding, mentoring, and much more. They offer the understanding and know-how to implement a successful program and also provide a variety of activities and ideas from other thriving men's ministry groups around the nation.

No matter the size of your church, The Complete Men's Ministries Kit will guide and equip you to effectively minister to men and enrich the life of your church in ways you never thought possible.
160 pages.
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