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Come On In
Taking the Hassle out of Hospitality
By: Lisa Bogart
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
Recipes, Party Ideas, and More!
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About This Product
Many women would love to have the talent of singing or preaching or playing an instrument--something flashy that others notice right away. But gifts and talents come in all shapes and sizes, and often the gifts that impact others the most are the last to be noticed but talents that most women share.

In Come On In, Lisa Bogart helps women recognize and embrace the impacting gift of hospitality. Through fun and creative ideas, delicious recipes, and helpful insights, she offers women ways to use this talent to share the love and grace of Christ. She addresses the misconception that a great hostess requires perfect housekeeping, gourmet cooking, or extravagant party planning. Instead, she affirms that hospitality's major components include a servant's heart, a listening ear, and a gracious touch. From opening one's home to others to taking hospitality on the road, Bogart gives women a cornucopia of options and even organizes them into "simple ways" for low key fun, "special ways" for times that deserve a little more effort, and "sumptuous ways" for times that call for extravagance. Seasoned and hesitant hostesses alike will gain insight, ideas, tips, and tricks to inspire them to welcome the gift of hospitality with possibility and passion--no longer seeing it as a hassle--and eagerly look for opportunities to extend the invitation to "come on in!"
192 pages.
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