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The Complete Women's Ministries Kit
Everything You Need to Run a Successful Program
By: Janelle R Parker
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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About This Product
Women need other women to help them through a crisis, encourage them in times of stress, and challenge them as they live and grow in their relationships with others and with the Lord. Women need to connect with each other in order to communicate feelings, learn, receive inspiration, and share their gifts and abilities with others. When connections like these occur, women's marriages, relationships, and lives improve.

One of the best tools to encourage strong bonds and lasting connections between women is through a church's women's ministries program. The Complete Women's Ministries Kit is designed to give churches all the tools they need to establish or expand its ministry to women. Women's ministry is more than quilting bees and funeral dinners. It involves connecting women through a variety of activities including Bible studies, retreats, fellowships, and more. This resource outlines how to begin a ministry and how to maintain it once it's started. It's filled with program and ministry ideas, recipes, craft and decoration suggestions for theme based activities, sample forms, flyers, and much more.

No matter the size of your church or the variety of ages of the women there, The Complete Women's Ministries Kit will guide and equip you to effectively minister to women and impact their lives and the life of your church.
192 pages.
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