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Best Practices of Growing Churches
Profiles and Conversations with Ministry Leaders
By: Tom Nees
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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Learning from the best practices of successful companies is a necessary part of the corporate world. Businesses remain competitive by examining the methods that others have used to successfully improve their products or services.

This type of learning is also important in ministry. The primary way that pastors and church leaders learn is from one another. They build and refine their own ministry styles and programs by applying the advice and experiences of others who've gone before them.

Best Practices of Growing Churches is an interactive tool that allows pastors to learn from observation. It doesn't offer a list of guidelines or dos and don'ts. Instead, it tells the stories of several growing churches and shares what each did to encourage its growth. Author Tom Nees provides readers with transcribed accounts of his interviews with the pastors of these churches, preserving their voice and passion as they share their stories. This unique format allows pastors to read these successful practices and then choose how best to apply them to their own situations. By doing so, they not only discover what needs to be done, but also the best way to go about doing it.

Regardless of your church's size or location, Best Practices of Growing Churches is a practical resource that will enrich your ministry. The stories it offers will encourage and inspire you to believe in your own calling as you develop the discipline of listening and learning from the experiences of others.
160 pages.
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