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Living a Milk-and-Honey Life
Letting Go of What's Holding You Back
By: Sharon Norris Elliot
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The Israelites didn't enjoy being slaves in Egypt. They never stopped praying for deliverance or hoping their situation would change, but although they hated their condition they eventually became used to it. Over the years they adapted to the culture, learned to speak the language, and even developed a fondness for Egyptian food. But instead of simply adapting to their new situation, they adopted it--so much so that when God did deliver them it wasn't long before they were crying to go back to Egypt--back to the things that had brought them comfort.

Most of us can relate to the Israelites. At some point we have experienced "Egyptian" periods where we became slaves to stressful relationships, problems with children, financial struggles, or sin. And although we despised our bondage, we ended up retaining a fondness and craving for the very things that enslaved us--cravings that are opposite to the delights God has prepared for us. Like the Israelites, we crave leeks and onions even though we now live in a "milk-and-honey" land. No matter how hard we try, we'll never be able to make leeks and onions blend with milk and honey.

In Living a Milk-and-Honey Life, author Sharon Norris Elliott challenges us to come to grips with the leeks-and-onions issues in our lives. She helps us identify exactly where we are so that we can better understand how to get to the place God would have us go. Living a Milk-and-Honey Life will help you make the journey from bondage to deliverance and teach you to embrace God's cravings so you can fully enjoy the goodness & sweetness of a milk-and-honey life.

Living a Milk-and-Honey Life includes:

  • Personal reflection questions
  • Inventory questions to help you determine where you are in life
  • Practical ideas & exercises for understanding and moving past the things that hold you back
  • Scriptural references & insightful anecdotes to illustrate concepts and move you toward change
152 pages.
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