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When Love Bends Down
Images of the Christ Who Meets Us Where We Are
By: Michael Lodahl
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Throughout the Gospel of John, we see images of Christ who bends low to the ground in order to reach others. In When Love Bends Down, author Michael Lodahl examines four specific passages in the Gospel of John-Jesus scrawling in the dust, making mud from spittle to smear on a blind man's eyes, washing His disciple's feet, and cooking breakfast for his disciples-and shows how these help illustrate the fundamental truth that God was willing to bend down and dwell among us in order to reach us where we are. Lodahl emphasizes that by understanding the bent-down theology of Jesus we can better understand how the Church is called to a "bent-down" life together as Christ's body in the world today.
When Love Bends Down offers students, teachers, pastors, church leaders, and laypeople a new vision of Christ and the kind of people He calls us to be.
128 pages.
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