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Becoming Nehemiah
Leading with Significance
By: David L. McKenna
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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Nehemiah's life continues to serve as a significant model for leaders in the 21st century, even though he lived and served over 2500 years ago. From his beginnings as a cupbearer to the king to taking charge of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, he teaches us a remarkably uncommon thing--how to lead as a servant.

In Becoming Nehemiah, David McKenna invites the reader to join this remarkable man of God on a journey of leadership that matches the trials and challenges leaders face today. Through Nehemiah's story, one recognizes the difficult task of balancing the promises of biblical leadership with the premises of secular leadership and learns how Nehemiah was able to serve with full integrity in both of these settings. Becoming Nehemiah will give pastors, church leaders, teachers, business professionals, or leaders of any kind compelling insights and practical advice as they begin their own journey to become servants who lead with significance.

Becoming Nehemiah offers:
  • Information and insight into the life of Nehemiah
  • Practical exercises at the end of each chapter to assist in developing one's own journey regardless of the level of position he or she holds
  • Scripture references, illustrations, and relevant examples that help to bring Nehemiah's story into the 21st century
120 pages.
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