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My Husband Has a Secret
Finding Healing for the Betrayal of Sexual Addiction
By: Molly Ann Miller
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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Pornography and sexual addiction have become epidemics in society today, and Christians are not exempt from their traps. Recovering from the pain and loneliness that comes with the betrayal of sexual addiction is not an easy task, but there is hope.

In My Husband Has a Secret, Molly Ann Miller shares her personal struggle with her husband's sexual betrayal and offers compassion, comfort, and encouragement for women in similar situations. She stresses that the battle should not be for one's marriage, but for one's heart, and the only control women have is to take responsibility for themselves. Molly doesn't offer easy answers. She doesn't even claim to be past the struggle herself. Instead she points the way to a loving Savior who offers hope and healing to everyone involved, and who is willing to lead wives on the difficult journey to wholeness and peace.

My Husband Has a Secret will help you:
  • Understand co-dependence and addiction, set boundaries, and work toward forgiveness
  • Learn to live fully - no longer giving in to the thoughts that feed your brokenness
  • Feel understood, comforted, and encouraged.
  • And know that you are not alone
144 pages.
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