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Keys to Emotional Freedom
Unlocking the Doors of Your Heart and Mind
By: Robin Martens
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Emotional baggage. It's a term we hear often and a burden that many of us deal with daily. Finding freedom from emotional burdens often involves a frustrating struggle between our hearts and minds-thinking one way but feeling another.

In Keys to Emotional Freedom, Counselor Robin Martens explains that releasing emotional burdens has to become a habit—one in which we learn to accept not only in our heads but also in our hearts. Finding freedom from emotional and relational burdens begins and ends with trusting God to do the healing, allowing Him to unlock the doors of our hearts and minds.

Keys to Emotional Freedom offers specific advice, encouraging examples, relevant Scripture, and practical steps for you to begin the habit of leaving emotional baggage at the foot of the cross, allowing you to rest in the joy and peace of emotional freedom.
144 pages.
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