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The Cycle of Victorious Giving
Your Time, Your Talent, Your Treasure
By: Stan Toler, Linda Toler
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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A very small percentage of Christians tithe faithfully. While many argue that they can't afford to give money to the church, few realize the importance of giving of their other resources. Gifts of time and talent are equally important to help advance the kingdom.

The Cycle of Victorious Giving outlines a positive plan for stewardship in all areas of life.

Stan Toler shows Christians the relationship between giving, faith, spiritual growth, and ultimately, an eternal reward. The phases of the cycle are:
  • Trust to Live
  • Commit to Grow
  • Delight to Give
  • Rest to Inherit
64 pages.
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Contents: Cycle of Victorious Giving
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