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Wisdom of the Word Bible Study

Man of Radical Obedience
By: Marie Coody, Linda Shaw, Helen Silvey
Edited by: Jeannie McCullough
Produced by: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
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About This Product
A great job, a wonderful group of friends, financial security.

What if God asked to you leave it all behind today-to forsake everything familiar and comfortable? To give it all up to go to a neglected, third-rate portion of the world and to rebuild a city you've never seen?

Sound unlikely? This is precisely a portrait of Nehemiah, cupbearer to the king of Persia. After hearing that a plan to rebuild Jerusalem's ruined city wall had tragically failed, Nehemiah's heart was broken. Yet, he wasn't satisfied simply to lament the incident from his sheltered life in Persia. Hearing God's call for him to go back to his homeland and see the wall restored completely, he responded in radical obedience, forsaking everything to follow God's instructions.

In this captivating 10-week study of an often-overlooked Old Testament book, the authors link Nehemiah's obedience with its practical implications for believers today. As Nehemiah faced great opposition and numerous setbacks, he and the Israelites learned how to totally abandon themselves to God's will and way for their lives. Each lesson offers valuable observations to help deepen faith, inspire hope, and strengthen the resolve to follow God's leading at all costs. Paper.
88 pages.
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    Nehemiah (pg 5-6)
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