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Complete Spiritual
Gifts Kit Seminar

(Note: To gain the most value from the following test, you should participate in a Spiritual Gifts Seminar. Everything needed for this seminar—instructions, slide-show presentations, and work sheets—are found in The Complete Spiritual Gifts Kit. Click here if you or your ministry leader has not purchased the kit.)

This site is designed to assist you in scoring the Spiritual Gifts Inventory and the JEWEL Behavior Type Indicator located in The Complete Spiritual Gifts Kit.

Click on each individual link below and follow the instructions on screen. When you have completed each test, print out the results and return them to the counselor or leader of the seminar. He or she will then counsel and help assist you in interpreting how best to apply your gifts to the building of the kingdom of God.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory — This test has schedules A - F, with 21 questions each

The JEWEL Behavior Type Indicator

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