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Sound the Trumpet
By: Helen Temple
Raised in a pagan culture, Samuel Dlamini was proud, haughty, adventurous. But when God encountered this Swazi youth, even before understanding who this . . .See More On This Item
Book 083-412-1263
Price: $7.99   
Adult Reading BooksMore Selections
World Changers
MKs and Where They Are Now
World Changers is a glimpse into the lives of the adult children of missionaries. How did they turn out? Was it hard to fit into another culture . . .See More On This Item
Audiobook (MP3) MP3-34744
Price: FREE   
Miscellaneous BooksMore Selections
Paul Orjala
The Man, the Mission
By: R. Franklin Cook
Paul Orjala was a versatile, multi-talented man. He radiated energy; he took steps three at a time. See More On This Item
Book 9780834124615
Price: $9.99   
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