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A Charitable Discourse, Volume 2, Small Group
Uncomfortable Conversations
By: Dan Boone
The church's only hope for healing, remaining healthy, and moving forward is through discourse that is charitable, even in disagreement—so let's join . . .See More On This Item
Digital Resource (DVD/CD-ROM) 9780834136359
Price: $29.99   
Breathe: Created
Small Group
By: Shawna Songer Gaines
Created will help you gain a perspective on how all of scripture works togetherto tell God's big story. See More On This Item
Small Group Kit 9780834133662
Price: $59.99   
Breathe: Created, Session 6
Session 6: Word - In this session, Shawna takes us to the New Testament--John 1. In this study you will see how God's redemption plan that started back . . .See More On This Item
Downloadable Video (Individual Use) SGV-16
Price: $5.99   
Breathe: Created, Session 7
Session 7: Receive - In this final session, Shawna takes us to John 20 to explore the Resurrection story. In the resurrection of Jesus, God ushers in a . . .See More On This Item
Downloadable Video (Individual Use) SGV-17
Price: $5.99   
Perfectly Imperfect, OT, Small Group DVD
Character Sketches from the Old Testament
Perfectly Imperfect is about people whose true-to-life stories are found in the Old Testament. This small group resource shows that in these sometimes . . .See More On This Item
Digital Resource (DVD/CD-ROM) 9780834131514
Price: $29.99   
Reclaiming Eve, Small Group DVD
The Identity and Calling of Women in the Kingdom of God
By: Carla Sunberg, Suzanne Burden, Jamie Wright
Read solo or studied in a community of seekers with the Small Group DVD, Reclaiming Eve will help you reclaim, practice and live into the identity that . . .See More On This Item
Digital Resource (DVD/CD-ROM) 9780834132566
Price: $29.99   
The Cycle of Victorious Living, Small Group DVD
Commit, trust, delight, and rest in Jesus Christ
The Cycle of Victorious Living is a six-part series with videos to help you discover the secrets to living above the turmoil and challenges we face . . .See More On This Item
Digital Resource (DVD/CD-ROM) 9780834130272
Price: $29.99   
Grace-Full Leadership, Small Group DVD
Understanding the Heart of a Christian Leader
By: John C. Bowling
Discover how to become a leader who generates exponential growth in spiritual gains--an eternity of difference from today's capital gains. See More On This Item
Digital Resource (DVD/CD-ROM) 9780834129269
Price: $29.99   
A Charitable Discourse, Small Group DVD
Talking About the Things That Divide Us
By: Dan Boone
See More On This Item
Digital Resource (DVD/CD-ROM) 9780834129276 Facilitator's Guide included!
Price: $29.99   
Public Jesus (Small Group Edition)
Exposing the Nature of God in Your Community
By: Tim Suttle
Uncover a religion that is neither private nor personal. See More On This Item
DVD and Book Combo Pack 9780834127708
Price: $39.99   
Thin Places (Small Group Edition)
Six Postures for Creating and Practicing Missional Community
By: Jon Huckins, Rob Yackley
Learn to live in missional community, where heaven and earth are thinly separated. See More On This Item
DVD and Book Combo Pack 9780834128880
Price: $39.99   
Art and Faith (Small Group Edition)
Reclaiming the Artistic Essence of the Church (Small Group Edition)
By: Jon Bowles
For hundreds of years the church has taught that in order to live fully a person must have right belief (orthodoxy) and right practice (orthopraxy), and . . .See More On This Item
DVD and Book Combo Pack 9780834129061
Price: $39.99   
Missional Essentials
A Guide for Experiencing God's Mission in Your Life
By: Lance Ford, Brad Brisco
Missional Essentials is written to help followers of Christ rediscover the heart of God for their neighborhoods and communities. See More On This Item
DVD-ROM 9780834135161
Price: $39.99   
1.)Basic Bible Studies for New and Growing Christians
2.)Think on These Things (30th Anniversary Edition)
3.)Dancing with the Law
4.)NBBC, Jeremiah 26-52
5.)Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain
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