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Embracing Exile, Small Group DVD
Living Faithfully as God's Unique People in the World
A 7-week study study to help your congregation discover what faithfulness looks like and how holiness is possible, even when the surrounding culture does . . .See More On This Item
Small Group DVD 9780834136465
Price: $14.99   
Essential Beliefs
A Wesleyan Primer
By: Mark A. Maddix, Diane Leclerc
See More On This Item
Book 9780834135703
Price: $17.99   
Successful Small Groups
From Concept to Practice
By: Teena M. Stewart
Successful Small Groups is filled with everything churches need to launch and manage a small-group program. Author and ministry consultant Teena . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834123373
Price: $15.99   
All For His Glory Bible StudiesMore Selections
Filled with His Glory
A Journey into the Spirit-Led Life
By: Aletha Hinthorn
Are you prepared for the presence of the Holy Spirit? Guiding us through the Old Testament preparation of the Tabernacle, Aletha Hinthorn illustrates . . .See More On This Item
Book 083-411-8238
Price: $12.99   
Basic Bible StudiesMore Selections
Who Is This Jesus?
The Gospel of John (Chapters 1-15)
By: Charles "Chic" Shaver
He turns water into wine. He makes food multiply. He heals the dying. He has incredible insight. And people follow Him wherever He goes. See More On This Item
Book 9780834125025
Price: $4.99   
Charitable DiscourseMore Selections
A Charitable Discourse
Talking About the Things That Divide Us
By: Dan Boone
Homosexuality, social drinking, and politics . . .Why is it so hard to talk about these topics and others like them in the church? See More On This Item
Book 9780834125650
Price: $15.99   
Christian Beliefs SeriesMore Selections
Christianity 101
Basic Beliefs of the Faith
In eight discussion-oriented sessions that can be used in group settings or for personal devotions, you will learn who God is, who Jesus and the Holy . . .See More On This Item
Leader's Guide 9780834124288
Price: $6.99   
The Dialog SeriesMore Selections
Beauty and the Broken
7 Stories of People like You and Me, Facilitator's Guide
Though everyone's experiences are unique, it helps to know we are surrounded by others traveling similar paths. See More On This Item
Facilitator's Guide 9780834134294
Price: $9.99   
Dialog ClassicsMore Selections
And You Call Yourself a Christian?
Answering the Common Misconceptions About Christianity
Edited by: Everett Leadingham
And You Call Yourself a Christian? examines 13 faulty ideas about Christianity. Each misconception is held up to the bright light of Scriptural . . .See More On This Item
Small Group Resource Leader's Guide 083-411-9218
Price: $8.99   
inSight Media SeriesMore Selections
The God Plot Small Group DVD
Living with Holy Imagination
Inspire your heart, engage your mind, and stir your spirit as you begin to see the story from a different perspective. See More On This Item
Digital Resource (DVD/CD-ROM) 9780834133846
Price: $29.99   
Named SeriesMore Selections
Named: David
Small Group
God makes David into a great leader because David fully surrenders his humanity to God. See More On This Item
Resource Kit 9780834134362
Price: $29.99   
Satisfied Heart Bible StudyMore Selections
Simply Trusting
Deepening Your Walk With God Through Faith
By: Aletha Hinthorn
Simply Trusting will guide you in deepening your faith and living with the confidence that God will answer your prayers. See More On This Item
Book 083-411-6049
Price: $9.99   
Video StudiesMore Selections
Perfectly Imperfect, OT, Small Group DVD
Character Sketches from the Old Testament
Perfectly Imperfect is about people whose true-to-life stories are found in the Old Testament. This small group resource shows that in these sometimes . . .See More On This Item
Digital Resource (DVD/CD-ROM) 9780834131514
Price: $29.99   
Wisdom of the WordMore Selections
Man of Radical Obedience
By: Marie Coody, Linda Shaw, Helen Silvey; Edited by: Jeannie McCullough
In this second release of the Wisdom of the Word Bible Study Series, the reader discovers Nehemiah, a cupbearer called by God to lead the third set of . . .See More On This Item
Book 083-411-8203
Price: $14.99   
OtherMore Selections
The Blood Covenant
The Story of God's Extraordinary Love for You
By: James L. Garlow, Rob Price
The symbolism of the covenant is foundational to God's redemptive relationship with humankind. This life-changing exploration of the ancient ritual highlights . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834130913 Expanded and enhanced edition of the classic Bible study!
Price: $14.99   
1.)Basic Bible Studies for New and Growing Christians
2.)Think on These Things (30th Anniversary Edition)
3.)Dancing with the Law
4.)NBBC, Jeremiah 26-52
5.)Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain
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