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Experiments in Innovation and Breakthrough
By: Jesse C. Middendorf, Greg Arthur, Megan Pardue, Josh Broward
Innovation often brings failure—and that's okay. Using failure to learn, improve, and continue innovating will help keep the church alive in the twenty-first . . .See More On This Item
NBBC, Ezra/Nehemiah
A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition
By: Jim Edlin
Written from the Wesleyan theological perspective, it offers insight and perceptive scholarship to help you unlock the deeper truths of Scripture and garner . . .See More On This Item
Whatever Happened to Evangelicalism?
By: Al Truesdale
We've all heard the stereotypes. Intolerant. Legalistic. Anti-intellectual. The list goes on and on. So much baggage is associated with the word evangelical. . . .See More On This Item
Mildred Bangs Wynkoop
Her Life and Thought
By: Johan Tredoux
In this well-researched study, Johan Tredoux deftly recounts Dr. Wynkoop's life and contribution to Wesleyan-Holiness studies. See More On This Item
NBBC, 1 & 2 Kings
A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition
By: Karen Strand Winslow
See More On This Item
Understanding Your Muslim Neighbor
Moving from Fear to Love
By: Robert D. McCroskey
We often fear what we do not understand. And there is much about Islam that Western Christians do not understand. The resulting fear can breed mistrust . . .See More On This Item
We Believe
Articles of Faith for the Global Nazarene Family
Edited by: Frank Moore
In We Believe, Frank Moore has compiled a cosmopolitan, relatable articulation of each of the sixteen Articles of Faith that represent the deeply . . .See More On This Item
Ethics in Christian Ministry
A Guide for Pastors and Mentors
By: Charles W. Christian
Ethics in Christian Ministry is about preparing for the highs and lows of ministry by internalizing and rehearsing the ethical essentials of Christ-centered . . .See More On This Item
God Still Calls
Discerning God's Direction for Service
By: Mark A. Maddix, Stephen Riley
Mark A. Maddix and Stephen Riley have compiled a group of obedient answerers of the call to share their stories of what God's call sounded like in their . . .See More On This Item
NBBC, 1 & 2 Thessalonians
A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition
By: Terence Paige
This new Bible commentary is designed to provide 21st-century scholars, pastors, students, and laity an academically competent, readable commentary in . . .See More On This Item
Managing Stress in Ministry
By: David And Lisa Frisbie
How can a pastor manage the stress that comes with ministry before the point of burn out? Managing Stress in Ministry will help pastors and spouses . . .See More On This Item
The Quotable Wesley
Edited by: Dave Armstrong
Quotable Wesley is a treasury of quotations taken from Wesley's letters, sermons, tracts, and journal entries on a variety of wide-ranging topics. Here . . .See More On This Item
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1. 6 Leadership Principles from the Gospels: Getting Things Done in Your Organization eBook 9780834124356
2. All Loves Excelling: Proclaiming Our Wesleyan Message Downloadable E Book 9780834126602
3. Art and Faith: Reclaiming the Artistic Essence of the Church eBook 9780834129054
4. The Art and Practice of Bivocational Ministry: A Pastor's Guide eBook 9780834130951
5. Articles of Faith: What Nazarenes Believe and Why eBook 083-412-2154
6. Baptism: An Important Step in Your Life with Christ eBook 9780834129382
7. Best Practices for Children's Ministry: Leading from the Heart eBook 9780834125568
8. Called Unto Holiness, Volume 1 Downloadable E Book 9780834126817
9. Called unto Holiness: Volume 2 Downloadable E Book 9780834127371
10. Celebrations and Observances of the Church Year: Leading Meaningful Services from Advent to All Saints' Day eBook 9780834124332
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