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Named: The Prophets
Small Group
God's prophets are his voice to the people. The prophets in this book are men who delivered difficult messages to corrupted kings, oppressive leadership, . . .See More On This Item
Resource Kit 9780834132283
Price: $29.99   
Old TestamentMore Selections
Man of Radical Obedience
By: Marie Coody, Linda Shaw, Helen Silvey; Edited by: Jeannie McCullough
In this second release of the Wisdom of the Word Bible Study Series, the reader discovers Nehemiah, a cupbearer called by God to lead the third set of . . .See More On This Item
Book 083-411-8203
Price: $14.99   
New TestamentMore Selections
Who Is This Jesus?
The Gospel of John (Chapters 1-15)
By: Charles "Chic" Shaver
He turns water into wine. He makes food multiply. He heals the dying. He has incredible insight. And people follow Him wherever He goes. See More On This Item
Book 9780834125025
Price: $4.99   
GeneralMore Selections
The God Plot
Living with Holy Imagination
By: Timothy M. Green
The God Plot invites you to move beyond clichés and participate in something bigger. As the Plot unfolds, the old familiar words and clichés . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834133839
Price: $15.99   
1.)Basic Bible Studies for New and Growing Christians
2.)Think on These Things (30th Anniversary Edition)
3.)Dancing with the Law
4.)NBBC, Jeremiah 26-52
5.)Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain
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