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Chris Haas
Chris Haas is a new author to Lillenas. His desire is to make drama available to all churches by writing sketches that are easy to perform. Chris serves as an elder and a Sunday School teacher at his local church while also heading up their drama efforts. Chris' comedy has been featured on television, at the county fair and also in numerous publications. He lives in Emporium, Pennsylvania with his wife, Lori and their two kids, Jed and Anna. Chris works as a truck driver where he has ample opportunity to observe the comedy in life.
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1. All Star Sports Collection: Scripts for the Fanatics in the Pews Contributor: Jerry Cohagan, Martha Bolton, Bette Dale Moore, Jeff Smith, Dave Tippett, onetimeblind, John Cashion, Chris Haas Drama Book 9780834177581 Price: $19.99
2. Countdown to Sunday Morning Contributor: Chris Haas Downloadable Script 12303 Price: $10.00
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