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John Cashion has been a minister of music for over 30 years, serving his current church in Kentucky since 1984. He grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and received a master’ s degree in choral conducting from the University of Tennessee. Writing sketches for worship arose from his desire to help worshipers connect with other elements in the service, particularly music, so many of his dramatic pieces are written “on demand” to support a theme or introduce a song. Since his choir and church members are unusually patient with his puns and wisecracks, he also feels free to incorporate liberal doses of humor in his writing.
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1. All Star Sports Collection: Scripts for the Fanatics in the Pews Contributor: Jerry Cohagan, Martha Bolton, Bette Dale Moore, Jeff Smith, Dave Tippett, onetimeblind, John Cashion, Chris Haas Drama Book 9780834177581 Price: $19.99
2. Diamonds in the Rough Contributor: John Cashion Downloadable Script 12355 Price: $10.00
3. Dimensions of Love, The By: John Cashion Downloadable Script 12095 Price: $10.00
4. Holding On, Letting Go By: John Cashion Downloadable Script 12096 Price: $10.00
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