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Jerry Brecheisen
Jerry Brecheisen (pronounced BRECK-eye-zen) is an author, humorist, speaker, and musician who currently serves as Director of Media for The Wesleyan Church. He has authored fourteen books and writes the weekly online column Hope above the Headlines. Jerry and his wife, Carol, have two children and four grandchildren and live in Fishers, Indiana.
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1. 26 Ways to Improve the Image of Your Church: A Practical Guide for Attracting the Attention of Your Community By: Stan Toler, Jerry Brecheisen, Alan Miller Notebook 9780834120525 Price: $99.99
2. The Complete Men's Ministries Kit: Everything You Need to Power Up Your Program By: Stan Toler, Jerry Brecheisen Notebook 9780834123366 Price: $89.99
3. Maximum Integrity: Leadership Insights from the Psalms By: Stan Toler, Jerry Brecheisen Book 9780834122833Makes a great gift! Price: $9.99
4. The Pastor's Guide to Growing a Christlike Church By: Stan Toler, H. B. London, Jr., John Maxwell, Kennon L. Callahan, William H. Willimon, George G. Hunter III, Dr. James Earl Massey, Darius Salter, Ron Blake, Jerry Brecheisen, Mary Paul, Adam Hamilton, Tom Theriault, Robert Leslie Holmes Book 9780834121041 Price: $14.99
5. When Life Doesn't Turn Out the Way You Expect: Moving Beyond Disappointment, Rejection, Betrayal, Failure, and Loss By: Jerry Brecheisen, Lawrence Wilson Book 9780834120693 Price: $13.99
6. When Life Doesn't Turn Out the Way You Expect, DVD + Book: Lessons for Faith Communities By: Jerry Brecheisen, Lawrence W. Wilson, Heather Gemmen Wilson DVD and Book Combo Pack 9780834123328 Price: $24.99
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