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Sandy J. Austin
Sandy J. Austin knows crisis response. Sandy was one of the most involved school counselors in the aftermath of the Columbine tragedy, helped counsel after the Bailey, Colorado, high school hostage and shooting tragedy, and endured the tragedies of four suicides at the school where she is employed. She is on her school and district crisis response teams and has become a consultant for other schools and local churches experiencing tragedy. In addition to her writing, Sandy has spoken locally and nationally on this subject across the religious and secular markets, because crises know no bounds. Sandy has a master's degree in counseling, is the president of the Colorado School Counselor Association, and has authored three books and numerous articles.
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1. Angry Teens and the Parents Who Love Them By: Sandy J. Austin Book 9780834119826 Price: $13.99
2. Crisis Manual for Christian Schools and Youth Workers: How to Prepare for and Handle Tragedy By: Sandy J. Austin Book 9780834123106An Essential Resource for Youth Groups Price: $14.99
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