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Bruce Nuffer
Bruce Nuffer is one of the co-creators of the LifeStream product. The Church Treasurer's Handbook, was produced in consultation with numerous denominations, pastors, and church treasurers who appreciate the complexities of this demanding volunteer position. Bruce is a freelance writer who lives in Kansas City with his wife Yvonne and their two children.
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1. Adsideo: Cross-Cultural Ministry in the United States By: Bruce Nuffer Audiobook (MP3) MP3-28156 Price: FREE
2. Chickens for Everyone: Understanding the Need Before Responding By: Bruce Nuffer Audiobook (MP3) MP3-29580 Price: FREE
3. The Church Treasurer's Manual: A Practical Guide for Managing Church Finances By: Bruce Nuffer Book Kit 9780834123830 Price: $49.99
4. The Kingdom Experiment: A Community Practice on Intentional Living By: Bruce Nuffer, Liz Perry, Rachel McPherson Book 9780834124745 Price: $14.99
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