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Dale Galloway
Dale Galloway has achieved international recognition as a pastor, teacher, and mentor. He is a popular speaker who has a history and a heart for training pastors. He has pastored four churches and written 22 books. Dale graduated from Olivet Nazarene University and Nazarene Theological Seminary and earned his doctorate from Western Evangelical Seminary. He and his wife live in Phoenix.
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1. La Iglesia Para Nuestros Dias Por: Dr. Dale Galloway Libro 9781563445460 Price: $11.99
2. Leading with Vision: Book 1 By: John Maxwell, Elmer L. Towns, Maxie Dunnam, Dr. James Earl Massey; Edited by: Dr. Dale Galloway Book 9780834117242 Price: $14.99
3. On-Purpose Leadership: Multiplying Your Ministry by Becoming a Leader of Leaders By: Dr. Dale Galloway, Warren Bird Book,Paperback,Trade Paper 9780834120266 Price: $15.99
4. The Pastor's Guide to Effective Ministry By: Neil B. Wiseman, Larry Burkett, Wayne Schmidt, H. B. London, Jesse C. Middendorf, William H. Willimon, Dr. Dale Galloway, Jeannie McCullough, Darius Salter, Dallas Willard, Michael Slaughter, Ron Blake, Jim Pettit Book 9780834119550 Price: $14.99
5. Starting a New Church: How to Plant a High-Impact Church By: Dr. Dale Galloway, Warren Bird Notebook 9780834119857 Price: $99.99
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